What Is An IMax Pressure Washer Model?

For homeowners who are looking for an electric pressure washer that can handle tough dirt, grime, and dry leaves on a daily basis, the Imax pressure washing unit might be exactly what you need. It can clean your garage, attic, and garden quickly and efficiently. With its durable design, it can also handle the pressure of up to three thousand pounds per square inch.

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This is a four-wheel vehicle. It is not a truck or SUV like some other models on the market. It was designed specifically as a pressure washer. It comes with a digital control display to show the amount of water being driven at any given time. The model is able to push water through tight spaces without damaging the surface underneath.

The built in lifter allows it to handle tough cleaning jobs. It has an automatic transfer switch for use in both dry and wet applications. The four wheels allow it to be stored or rolled away easily. The tank holds enough water to cover approximately one acre of land. It uses ninety-three gallons of water per hour.

It has a lifetime warranty and is manufactured in the United States. There is a tool section that contains several attachments for different types of jobs. This is one model that does not require attachments. It is easy to clean up afterwards. No tools are needed to clean up after using an Imax pressure washer.

It uses propane or natural gas to power its motor. This type of washer runs on three cylinders. Each cylinder has a capacity of forty pounds of water. They run on fifteen horsepower motors. The electric start-stop button makes starting and operating the washer simple.

Cleaning of this model is easy because it has a special tool for removing hard-to-reach dirt. It can clean nearly any surface except concrete. This specific model uses strong jets of water for cleaning upholstery. Hard surfaces like granite and marble need a special chemical solution.

This pressure washer has an aluminum construction. It is lightweight. It has an aluminum body with an open design at the front. There are also no visible parts inside the machine. It has a two-handle remote control.

The overall performance of this washer is excellent. It is designed to resist damage from extreme temperatures, constant use and aggressive cleaning. It works efficiently and effectively for years.

It can fit in any vehicle, unlike other cleaners. It runs silently. It is easy to transport and store. It can perform multiple functions including deterring dirt accumulation.

It is easy to clean and maintain. It features a two-year limited warranty. It is also eco-friendly and renewable. It works well with both hard and soft surfaces. It is equipped with a self-cleaning cycle. It also comes with a temperature indication dial.

This pressure washer is equipped with a variable pressure setting. It can choose between low, medium and high. It can clean in one-touch movements. The automatic shut off function can be performed when the washer is not in use. It saves energy with its Eco throttle system.

This cleaner has a lightweight and compact design. It has an electric start. It is easy to carry around and is very durable. It has a lifetime warranty.

It comes with a non-skid grip handle. It can clean up to thirty gallons of water in just five minutes. It has a stainless steel dual-chambered lid. It has an aluminum frame and an automatic key lock. The overall performance of this pressure washer is excellent.

It is very easy to clean. It cleans up to thirty gallons of water in about fifteen minutes. It is equipped with a self-cleaning cycle. It has an eco-throttle system.

This washer has a remarkable feature. It is able to deodorize the area where it is placed. This can eliminate the need for unnecessary cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe. It can wash all types of dishes.

There are plenty of advantages with using this pressure washer. It can help you save money and time. It is perfect for places that do not have a supply of water. It is very durable and can beat any type of pressure washer. It is very easy to operate and has a long service life.