Using More Pressure to Get More Power From Your Northstar Pressure Washer

A Northstar pressure washer is a very reliable washer with a strong motor and high pressure. They can wash cars in salt-free environments, detergents, grease and other tough cleaning applications. The washers come in a variety of styles and options to meet individual needs. Let’s look at the different types.

northstar pressure washer

(a) High Pressure Shower Head. Three speeds, low, medium, high. Can also be used as an oscillating saw, circular agitator and a circular rinse. (b) Manual Type. Not as powerful as the high-pressure models, these manual pressure washers are good for occasional use by hand.

(c) Stand-Up Pumps. Very powerful electric pumps for pressure washers. These pumps need a minimum of 2 horsepower to work every time.

(d) Garden Hose. (e) Rubber garden hoses are a must for cleaning your driveway. These hoses have a universal fitting and hook-up to any hose fitting, including pressure washers. There are three types of rubber hoses – full-coverage, half-coverage, and clear polyethylene hydrostatic pressure washers. Each type has its own job done, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs.

(f) Gauge. How much pressure is exerted per gallon or lit gallon. You want the lowest possible gauge to avoid waste. This applies to both axial and radial flow settings. Using a lower value of gPM hose will improve the efficiency of your Northstar pressure washer by allowing more water to be used every time.

(g) Water Pump. Your pump should be as strong as possible. The stronger the pump the more pressure the pump can exert. Your garden hose will hook up to the pump via a universal fitting. The pressure from the hose then feeds the electric motor through the motor assembly, which is located above the water pump.

(h) Injector/Injector reel. This refers to the part that holds the chemicals in place while the pump is working. The injector/injector reel is located above the water pump and connects to an air compressor that compresses the chemicals inside the drum. Your Northstar pressure washer uses a high-energy injector, a fine needle-shaped needle, to inject the chemicals into the dirty water. This part also holds the fresh water tank sterile and ready for use after the cleaning is done.

(I) Trailer. You can rent one of several types of trailers for your Northstar pressure washer, such as the Quickie Canopy. This unit is small enough to fit on your truck or car back hitch and has enough room for storing the chemicals, the pump and the hose reel. The trailer is usually equipped with a valve that allows you to manually increase or decrease the pressure and the fresh water tank.

(j) Horizontal shaft engines. These types of engines are more powerful than the vertical shaft engines and are very popular in Northstar products. They have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain. You must drain a slow-drying bleeder tank before using the pressure washer with a horizontal shaft engine.

(k) Water tank and nozzles. The tank holds the cleaning solution while the nozzles direct the liquid toward the discharge nozzle. You should never use a reverse osmosis or deionization system on a Northstar product, because it will waste water. Use only a high quality diatomaceous earth filter and a chemical injection nozzle holder that are compatible with your pressure washer.

(l) Spray gun. You may also have a spray gun. These are not as common as the other nozzles, but they can make a big difference in the cleanliness and efficiency of your Northstar pressure washers. They do not eliminate the need for a washer, but they can make your job much easier. Consider buying the same type of spray gun that you use for cleaning the dishes and cleaning the windows.

(m) Use of both the tank and the nozzles in tandem. You should always use both the tank and the nozzle in tandem, even though the pressure of the tank is higher than the pressure of the nozzle. This will help you achieve the most efficient cleaning job sites possible and give you longer lasting service from your Northstar pressure washing equipment.