Tips For Buying A Good And Reliable 5000 PSI Pressure Washer

The PSI and GPM of a pressure washer is similar but not the same. A PSI is a standard measurement of pressure that the machine can exert while working. A GPM, or gallons per minute, is a measurement of the water flow from the pressurized source to the nozzle of the machine. For example, if you were using a fifty pound PSI pressure washer to wash the driveway, the PSI would be one fifth of a horsepower. A GPM on the other hand would indicate the water flow at a constant rate no matter what weight was used.

A PSI refers to the pressure that the machine can exert while working and a GPM refers to the water flow rate through the machine. Therefore, if you were to fill a running pressure washer with fifty pounds of water, the machine would be able to maintain this pressure for an hour. However, a PSI of four hundred and fifty pounds per horsepower would make it difficult to achieve this level of pressure. Using ceramic plungers to lift water out of the water tank and adding the pressure washer to the output, a higher PSI could be achieved.

If you have questions regarding the amount of pressure your washer should produce, you should first determine the PSI rating of your machine and then multiply both together. For example, if your machine has a PSI of four hundred and fifty pounds per horsepower, you should then purchase a machine that is rated at a maximum of 5000 PSI. Please inquire about any other necessary components for the PSI rating before making a purchase. Some manufacturers do not list all required components on the label.

A good piece of information that will help you to understand why it is important to purchase a high pressure washer of this type is to realize that this specific PSI washer can produce four times more water pressure than a typical four-wheel drive lawn mower. A four-wheel drive lawn mower can only manage to push so much water at a time. A high pressure washer can push water over three thousand gallons per minute or three hundred thousand gallons per hour. This is a tremendous difference!

A good specification sheet for the pressure washer will indicate if it is possible to control the speed of the motor by adjusting the drive unit or belt drive. The drive unit will be located between the pump and the water tank. You will need to locate the lower pulley to adjust the speed of the pump. Please note the speed adjustment pulley is usually located near the spark plug. The second pulley will control the rotation of the fan. Please confirm that the fan blades are properly installed to ensure proper cooling.

If you are looking for a portable pressure washer for general cleaning or light gardening, then a four-wheel drive or larger vehicle would be suitable. A gasoline powered motor will also be able to achieve the required results. The motor will need to be powerful enough to achieve the desired result. As a general guide, a motor with about twenty horsepower is ideal. For a complete list of specifications, check the manufacturer’s website.

An important consideration when purchasing any piece of equipment is its cleaning power and fuel efficiency. High pressure washing devices are designed to clean larger areas and may use up to four fuel resources. For example, a high pressure washer that has a fuel efficiency of fifteen hundred gallons per minute will need to use four liters of fuel. A smaller unit will be able to achieve the same result at a lower fuel consumption of one liter. A diesel four-wheel drive or an electric motor may be the best solution if you do not want to compromise on the cleaning power.

There are many other factors involved in choosing between the different types of pressure washers available. One way to cut down on the research time is to do research online. You can find information on different makes, models and specifications as well as reviews from owners and users of different machines. If you are looking to purchase a new device, then it will be worth your while taking the time to research the various makes and models to help you make the most cost effective decision.