The Truth About Honda Pressure Washers

The Truth About Honda Stress Washing Machines

” What they do not inform you regarding Honda Pressure Washers”
I just recently got the complying with e-mail concerning honda stress washers:
” I was not aware Honda made pressure washers. I can get one in your area since I have seen your web page”.
My reaction:
Thanks for visiting our internet site. I would love to explain that HONDA “does not” manufacture pressure washing machines. Honda makes Engines, Autos, Motorcycles etc. When Pressure washers are described as Honda it’s industry shorthand for “Honda Powered” which means you still need to think about the manufacturer.
We distribute the “Pressure-Pro” line of pressure washing machines. Pressure-Pro is the leading producer of Pressure Washers in florida.
Really little of a pressure washer is “manufactured”, what the majority of manufacturers really are is “part” assemblers. This is no negative thing as long as they make use of quality components and also have big buying power to provide the end product at a worth for the consumer.
I recently obtained a flaming email from a lady lambasting me for selling Honda stress washers. She informed a story of just how she as well as her partner had bought a pressure washer from a neighborhood box store, she really didn’t state which. At any price, after utilizing it 3 times over the program of a year it developed a severe issue with the pump.
She took it to the store accredited service facility just to be alerted that it ran out guarantee and also can not be fixed anyway. It goes without saying she raged, besides this was a Honda pressure washer!!
She took place to state that the only factor she bought it was due to the fact that it had a Honda engine which indicated top quality.
The name Honda does not suggest a top quality pressure washing machine, it only suggests a quality engine. There are many means a maker can lessen top quality to achieve a cost point that the superstore will want to market. Fortunately is that “identifying this tactic is not brain surgery” and you can obtain top quality guidance at this web site.
When you select Honda however please keep in mind a pressure washing machine is far more than just the power resource, I believe it’s a superb option.