The Power of the Acce Wash Wand

An ACycle pressure wash system makes cleaning easy and efficient. The two stage motor makes it possible to use a long hose to clean large areas or yards without the need for frequent stops. The cycle technology was originally designed for industrial and professional cleaning applications. For home owners, it makes cleaning a breeze with its handheld wand. In just minutes you can dry and scrub all types of hard floors, windows, upholstery, vinyl and tile.

pressure wash wand acce

A simple design provides convenient portability and the ability to reach corners. The ACycle Professional Pressure Wash Wand is an affordable handheld unit that allows you to clean the most difficult cleaning jobs. It comes equipped with a powerful jet of water and powerful cleaning solution for tough dirt and grime. You simply attach it to your mop or hose and use it to dry and scrub all types of hard surfaces.

One of the most impressive features of the Acce wand is the presence of two powerful cleaning modes – pressure washing and rinse cleaning. With the push of a single button you can choose from a variety of settings which correspond to the strength of the jet of water. The wand has an aluminum or stainless steel pole with eight feet of cord. You simply attach it to your hose and use it to dry and sanitize all types of hard surfaces including, laminate, vinyl, and tile.

An ACycle pressure wash head comes with an optional rinsing head. No matter what kinds of surfaces you are washing, it will make the job easier with the optional sanitizing rinse spray head. Using this spray, soap molecules are prevented from sticking to the wand’s nozzle which allows you to use less pressure. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you will appreciate having the option to use a pressure washer without the added mess and damage. It is also safer because no dirt or grime will be left behind when you remove the wand from the pressure source.

The optional pressure wash wand spray head adds some extra convenience to the machine. It can be used to clean all types of tiles including bathroom and shower walls. By using the included hose you can easily clean the floor to a higher degree of cleanliness than with a standard wand and spray. You simply add the recommended water and spray from the included nozzle which works with the included sponge and nozzle. It is also helpful to have a spray gun to reach difficult corners and to fill in areas that are washed less effectively by the normal spray.

The Acce wash heads come in a variety of sizes. They range in diameter from seven inches to fifteen inches. This makes them suitable for various types of cabinetry including pantries, kitchen islands, and laundry rooms. You can purchase these wand and sprayers at local home supply and home improvement stores. There are also many online sources including Amazon and eBay. If you shop around you should be able to find good deals.

You can even purchase an electric version of this wonderful little power tool. You may want to consider an electric pressure washer if you are in a situation where you need to wash larger areas of hard dirt or if your vehicle has more power than you can usually get to with a portable electric model. While they don’t generate as much heat as a cordless power wand they will still get the job done. And they usually generate more power and last longer than cordless pressure washers.

So whether you are searching for a cleaning solution to get stubborn grime off tile and grout or you need to wash a car down after a long hot day the Acce power tool will get the job done. If you are looking for a pressure washer with more power and features then consider an electric model. You can even find cordless versions with rechargeable batteries. Either way, make sure you have the correct power and measurements for the job you need to complete. And most importantly, have fun. Having fun is what pressure washing is all about.