Pressure Washer Electric Models – Chooses the Best Pressure Washer For You

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Pressure Washer Electric Models – Chooses the Best Pressure Washer For You

Electric pressure washers are great tools for cleaning a variety of outdoor surfaces with little effort. In fact, they’re 10 times more powerful than a garden hose when in used. They also work with about eighty percent less water, making them great for keeping lawns and gardens free of debris. But how do you know which pressure washer is best for your needs? Here’s some information that may help.

First, ask yourself how often you actually use your electric pressure washer. If you use it only once in a blue moon, you probably don’t need an electric version. But if you take part in your favorite outdoor activity (hiking, camping, picnicking, etc.) then a hot water electric model may be perfect for you. These models are also helpful for areas that don’t have access to hot water or other sources of electricity.

Some electric pressure washers come with more features than others. The best ones come with multiple settings for cleaning power and temperature. Some have advanced settings for drying, steaming and de-greasing. A few even have auto-cleaning and auto-drying capabilities. This feature improves the cleaning power quite a bit.

Hot water pressure washers usually come with a larger tank. It could hold enough water for a picnic and/or several small loads. You can use these electric pressure washers for more intense jobs like washing cars or cleaning out the garage after a big storm.

It’s important to look at the warranty on electric pressure washers. Some warranties are for a limited time period while others last up to lifetime. Look into the features and benefits of the particular model before you buy one. After all, it’s going to be used quite often.

Do your research. Find out what types of pressure washer are available on the market and the different brands that make them. Determine how much water you’ll need and how big the lawn or driveway is. Know whether or not you’ll need a trailer to transport your electric pressure washer.

A typical electric pressure washer is small and lightweight. They can be moved from location to location with a simple truck mount. This makes them easy to pack and move. You also get the advantage of not needing any electricity or gasoline to power the pressure washer.

Although buying an electric pressure washer is a good choice, you should check out the options that are available on other types. Some companies sell combo units. These may include an upright and a diesel pressure washer. Other electric pressure washer models are designed for hot weather use. Whatever you want to use yours for, there is a model out there that will fit your needs.

Electric pressure washers are great for cleaning up spills and general messes around the house. You never have to worry about reaching high into the air to clean those hard to reach areas. Many electric pressure washers have telescopic poles that extend high above the surface you’re cleaning. Simply lower yourself down onto the pole and let the pressure washer do the work! You’ll find that pressure washers with telescoping tips can clean your decks and outdoor furniture.

If you prefer an all in one pressure washer with electric attachments, many companies sell those as well. Just remember that not all models are created equal. There is a difference in performance between various models. Be sure to do your homework before purchasing one of these. Make sure it’s going to suit your needs.

When shopping for a pressure washer, look for the kind that features a pressure setting switch. Many newer models offer this. These switches allow you to vary the pressure that is exerted from a single button. Some even have temperature controls so you can preheat your water and use it on a cold day.

Do not forget to include an extension cord if you plan on using a long one. Not having a long enough one can lead to a dangerous lack of pressure. Check out the ratings for pressure washer products before you buy. Many people enjoy the actual cleaning as much as the cleaning of the pressure washer. So don’t skimp on your electric pressure washer, just because you’re shopping for a smaller capacity one!