Parn Islli Industrial Steam Carpet Cleaner – An Overview

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Parn Islli Industrial Steam Carpet Cleaner – An Overview

Industrial steam vacuum cleaners and steam boxes range have recently been added into ied’s best sellers list. A recent high demand for the much more robust stainless steel steam vacuum cleaners range by popular manufacturers such as Bissell, Poliform, iCon, and Dyson has prompted Duplex Cleaning Machines, a leading steam cleaning equipment specialist company based in Reading, UK, to include the product in their existing range of commercial steam cleaners available, including the top-of-the-range Bissell Steam Vacuum cleaner. Bissell is the global leader in steam vacuum cleaner technology, and is renowned for its high-quality cleaning power and long operating life span. The company’s innovative three-stage cleaning system is known for its ability to remove all contaminants from a carpeted room with no damage to carpets or furniture. Bissell’s other dedicated steam cleaning machines range includes a vacuum for home use that features powerful HEPA filters, and a machine designed for industrial use that is able to extract water from ground water using water ionization technology. iCon’s steam cleaners are also highly recommended by industry experts.

Both of these steam cleaning machines are excellent options, offering users the opportunity to steam clean carpets and floors in extremely efficient and effective ways. The industrial steam cleaners are designed to reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and they can operate on a variety of energy sources, including electricity, gas, coal and oil. These steamers employ true Temp blades that have a higher heat capacity than most traditional steamers, which ensures the maximum cleansing effect for hard-to-reach areas. The hot water extraction system of the Bissell Jet Steam cleaner utilises a patented design to ensure that the water extracted is completely cleaner than water drawn from taps. A self-cleaning cycle extracts water and air from carpets and floors, and this machine are also capable of running without electricity.

Bissell’s industrial steam generator steam boxes are among the most popular models in the industry. Like many other brands, the vaporous steam generator steam box industrial uses high quality parts to ensure high efficiency and longevity. It also uses state of the art technology to achieve cleanliness and maximum heat efficiency. A well-built, durable product is easy to maintain and clean, and Bissell’s industrial models are built to last with an impressive five-year warranty. The ipx5 is one of the newest models and has received high praise from professional steam carpet cleaners and consumers alike.

The iaporous technology means that it is capable of drawing water up from as low as zero pressure, meaning that it can be used on even the driest carpets. Using the highest quality materials, iaporous machines extract water and steam at temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a temperature far beyond what the average steam carpet cleaner would be able to achieve. While there are some industrial steam cleaners in the industrial steam cleaner range that are designed to use lower temperatures, they are typically not powerful enough to achieve optimal cleaning.

The iaporous system works in tandem with the specially designed Parn Isti steam generator to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent damage and prolonging the life of your carpet. Like the other models of the Parn Isti line, the iaporous is extremely lightweight, making it easier to carry around and move than many other models in its class. One of the best features of this machine is the presence of a temperature gauge, which enables users to monitor and adjust steam temperatures based on their personal comfort settings.

Compared to other carpet cleaners in the industrial category, the Parn Isti E combines power and ease of use with unparalleled performance. In addition to its powerful state-of-the-art motor, the Parn Isti E has been designed to automatically adjust to a variety of flooring types and fabrics giving you more choice than ever before. For instance, it can clean most tiled, marble, and concrete surfaces with ease while simultaneously boasting a maximum steam exposure of over ten bars. While other machines may only manage six bars or less, the iaporous series will not disappoint with its consistent performance regardless of what type of surface it is working on.

With more innovative design concepts in the industrial category, the Parn Isti Industrial steam carpet cleaner by default comes with four separate functions: Auto Vacuum System; Full Color Video Surveillance; Color Display and Power Off Detection. The auto vacuum function allows users to clean carpets without having to manually switch the machine on. It also operates quietly making it an ideal solution for homes and offices. The Full Color Video surveillance function allows users to record video footage of any area of your home or office for future storage purposes. The Color Display and Power Off Detection function automatically switches off the machine upon power loss from a plugged-in source. With this feature you can be sure that you are cleaning the area properly and have proof that everything you cleaned is working properly.

In terms of features and operational functions, the Parn Islli Industrial steam carpet cleaner has the same four functions as the Parn Islli residential model but with the added versatility of being able to deal with both carpeted and bare floors. It has also been equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism that uses nitrogen-based cleaners. This means that it can clean upholstery like sofas and couches without having to use any form of detergent. It can also clean hard floors without requiring any additional detergents. And, the High Intensity Output orHIO feature gives it an edge over competitors with more powerful suction power which is effective in both dry and wet vacuuming conditions. This particular combination of power, performance and hi-tech technology leaves no doubt that the Parn Islli Industrial Steam Carpet Cleaner is the better option for your carpet cleaning needs.