How to Properly Clean Your High Pressure Washers

A high pressure washer pump is a vital component of any industrial or commercial cleaning system. A pump that doesn’t work optimally will significantly reduce the performance of your washers. It’s important to choose high quality pumps that have been designed and tested to work in extreme working conditions. STIHL high pressure washer pump offers excellent foam control and also meets all API SA performance requirements.

Protect your high pressure washing investments with top-quality pump lubricant from STIHL. API approved lubricants ensure optimum pump functionality. Whether your pumping system is an industrial truck mount or a mobile diesel unit API liquid lubricant is the only liquid that meets or exceeds all safety standards.

Industrial and commercial pumps powered by electricity are susceptible to voltage fluctuations in voltage can cause pump failure. Power surges can result in pump failure which results in the loss of pressure and overall efficiency. Using high capacity electric pumps and high capacity diesel pumps helps to prevent voltage fluctuations. These pumps are also more reliable and efficient than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

There are a variety of servicing options available for pressure cleaning equipment. Depending on your maintenance needs, you can opt for a routine maintenance service, a deep clean or a quick-fix servicing option. The most important part of any pump operation is the pump blade. When performing any type of pump maintenance be sure to check the following:

Replace worn, damaged or worn-out seals on high pressure washers. These seals allow hot water to flow through your system correctly and can result in clogs, wear and damage of the pump and parts. The following best practices for maintaining your pump blades can help prolong the life and use of your pump. If you have any questions about your pump or parts, it is a good idea to contact a dealer.

Pump installation may require a professional installer. It is possible to install high pressure washers by yourself. You will need a few tools including a screwdriver, water pump and water hose. The first thing you should do before installing is to install the water pump. This will ensure that the pump will work as efficiently as possible.

Connect the pump to the water source. Next, connect the power to your system. Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to begin cleaning with pressure washers. Turn the power on and set the pressure to the maximum you want. Use the water nozzle to spray the dirt/grit into the feeder hole and rinse.

Pressure washing can also be performed indoors. It is important to provide ventilation and adequate room for the pump to work properly. Portable pressure washers typically do not have high enough pressure to clean large areas. It is recommended that you allow the machine to exhaust for at least five minutes before beginning your next task. Many homeowners like to add pressure washing products such as citrus-based cleaners and green detergents to the water to make their cleaning more efficient.

If you are planning to use your washer indoors, it is important to make sure the area is well ventilated. Low oxygen can damage some cleaning agents. You should consider using an oxygen generator or bleaching agents for cleaning that does not require oxygen. Bleaching agents work best outdoors.

Do not clean with pressure washers if you have ever suffered from water retention. Water retention can be caused by dirt and grime in the air or from the flow of cleaning fluids into the machine. Use a vacuum to clean all areas that come into contact with the floor.

You do not have to use detergent to clean like you do with regular detergents. Just because you do not have to use detergent does not mean you cannot clean like you normally would. There are cleaners that contain chemicals and detergents that work just as well. These cleaners are often available at the local store. Detergent-less cleaners are also available online.

You can learn how to clean like a pro with these tips. Some of them might seem very basic but sometimes simple things are the easiest ways to get the job done right. A cleaner with an automatic switch-off will help protect the machine and reduce the chances of an explosion. And, keep your hands away from the nozzle so that they do not get nicked and start to burn. Cleaning your washer is a critical step to keeping it working properly and also to prolong the life of your washer.