Features of a 4000 psi Pressure Washer Gun

The 4000 psi pressure washer gun is the most common accessory used in a commercial laundry facility. The washer has become the unwritten rule in commercial washing. The washer gun is the device that delivers the pressurized water, which agitates the cleaning detergent and removes dirt and grime from your clothes. It’s the one appliance that most people would recognize when they enter a commercial facility to do a job.

When choosing a washer for a professional laundry service, you have many to consider. You will need a machine with high pressure settings so that you can clean hard water, sediment and other deposits from your clothes without suffering excessive pressure loss. You will also want a strong, durable pump to power the high pressured spray. And you’ll need an air compressor to power the spray head and vent it out to keep it from backfeeding back into the water supply.

A common complaint about commercial detergent is that the detergent never seems to come out completely. It sometimes comes out near the bottom of the load or on the outside of the clothes. This often bothers the customers and they go somewhere else to do their laundry. If you’re using a constant-force pump, you will need to maintain high pressure to keep the detergent from shooting out at such a low pressure that the detergent never gets into the fabric.

A professional washer detergent nozzle usually comes with an air release valve that allows the clean air to flow through the valve and outside of the washer. The valve helps to protect the valve from backfeeding that weakens the valve and weakens the washer. When the washer gun is pressurized to 4000 psi, the compressed air from the pump propels the water through the valve and into the wash water. The pressurized water then cleans the detergent and dirt from the clothes. The detergent and water are cleaning deep inside the fabric where they belong and will not harm the fabric.

High-end guns offer different kinds of features depending on how much you need to clean. If you only need to wash a few items at a time, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for features like a separate hoses, separate cleaning heads, and separate cleaning tanks. Those extra features cost money and you don’t need them unless you have a lot of washing to do.

The other important feature that a pressure washer gun should have is a safety switch. The safety switch prevents the washer from accidentally firing when there is a power overload. This overload could result from a temporary power outage, a fire or any number of other reasons. If the pressure washer has a safety switch, the user can disconnect the machine from the electric power source and simply disconnect the nozzle from the nozzle. The pressure washer will automatically shut down without using any additional energy.

Another important feature to look for in a pressure washer gun is the feed table. Feed tables are used to keep the gun organized. The feed table keeps the gun clean and organized so that it is easy to locate the items you are cleaning with each cycle. Some guns allow you to set the feed table to extend outward or inward.

A high quality pressure washer gun is essential to keeping your home clean. You can purchase these guns online or in many home improvement stores. They are reasonably priced and will give you years of service if you take good care of them. Make sure that you find a high quality pressure washer gun that meets your needs.