Electric Pressure Washers – Tips on Purchasing Quality Pressure Washing Equipment

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Electric pressure cleaning is the standard in cleaning and pressure washing industry. It is the backbone of cleaning solutions and has been for decades. However, there are certain advantages that portable and cordless electric power washers don’t have. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you always need a reliable source of cleaning solutions. Portable electric pressure washers usually provide the best electric power washer but are limited by their size and weight.

A-frames and polyester fabric are two of the best materials for electric pressure washers. They provide the reliability of a larger hose and a strong and durable cleaning platform. Polyester, like fiberglass, does not break or warp, allowing the cleaner to clean further distances than with any other material. If you plan to purchase an A-frame, polyester will be your best bet to avoid fiberglass, which is notorious for breaking and shrinking when exposed to pressure.

One of the biggest problems with cleaning a smaller area such as a garage is keeping the cleaning solution from spilling all over. To eliminate this problem, many people install power pressure washers, which have wide and deep hoses capable of spreading the cleaning solution. However, even if the area you want to clean is not that large, you still need to think about spill prevention. Cleaning grime from a car’s interior requires you to protect the vehicle’s carpet. Grime and dirt on your carpet are much more difficult to remove unless you have the proper cleaning solution.

You can purchase a universal motorized hose in varying lengths and diameters. The benefit of a universal motorized hose is that it will fit any size or diameter of hoses. This makes cleaning a wider variety of surfaces a lot easier. The biggest disadvantage of a universal motorized hose is that it tends to run constantly. If you are in a rush, it may take hours to complete your cleaning job.

The last piece of electric pressure washers, the power cord, isn’t actually a part of the cleaning device. It hangs off the bottom of the unit and extends a distance away from the nozzle. Power cord extensions are widely available online and at local home improvement stores. Power cord extensions are great if you are cleaning a small area and do not need an endless supply of cleaning solution.

If you are considering purchasing a heavy duty electric pressure washer for your home or business, you should research how to determine the proper pressure for your cleaning job. A good rule of thumb is to never let the pressure gauge reach the mark of maximum strength. This is because the strength of the current is dependent on the size and weight of the object being cleaned. For example, a heavy duty electric washer might be able to lift a hundred pounds, but that same pressure washer could lift only thirty pounds. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can find charts online, that help you to estimate the correct pressure to use on different objects.

While you shop for electric pressure washers, you should also consider the availability of servicing. The typical homeowner or business owner doesn’t have the time to visit the dealer’s location to have the pressure washer checked. Some manufacturers provide extended warranty coverage on their products for those who purchase them used. Before buying used equipment, you should make sure you know what the coverage includes. There are often unavoidable damage warranties that are included with some cleaning products, so you should inquire about these.