4000 psi Hot Water Pressure Washer – A Must Have For Business and Personal Use

4000 psi hot water pressure washer

4000 psi Hot Water Pressure Washer – A Must Have For Business and Personal Use

The T MG Industrial 4000 psi hot water pressure washer is perfect for a large laundry or commercial facility. It has been designed to withstand continuous high pressures that are required by many hot lube applications. This hot water system comes with a five year warranty and comes with a safety lock. This unit is also ideal for dry cleaning applications. The TMG Industrial 4000 psi hot water pressure washer has a tri-fold laundry pump with five hundred thousand strokes per minute capacity.

The TMG Industrial 4000 psi hot water dispenser comes with an optional hi-limit overload protector which provides safety against high pressure surges. It is also equipped with a safety lock and high pressure relief valve. The TMG Industrial hot water compressor is a high performance device and is built with aluminum construction for maximum strength. It utilizes a heavy duty industrial clutch parts for maximum strength and to reduce downtime. It has an eco-friendly light weight design and utilizes thirty-eight inch stainless steel tanks for long-lasting durability.

The TMG Industrial pressure washer parts offer high performance and durability and meet all industry standards and government requirements. It comes with an electrostatic charge protection system and heavy-duty drain and venting fans. It has an automatic pressure switch that offers complete control of the machine and can be used for normal or emergency hot water applications. The machine is very quiet under normal operation and is twenty-five percent efficient when filling hot water bottles.

The 4000 psi hot water pump comes with a high-energy discharge fan and high-energy pump. It can operate at high pressure and high speed to provide super high pressure pumping and instant hot water delivery. It features a one-gallon stainless drain and a six-gallon waste tank. This machine comes with a safety shut off for safety and exceeds all United States regulatory requirements. It also meets the energy star standard. It uses forty-eight inch stainless steel tanks for high pressure pumping.

It features high-performance nylon construction that allows it to utilize energy efficiently. It is also dishwasher safe and dishwasher friendly. It can maintain pressure up to three hundred pounds per square inch. It has an automatic shut off feature for safety. It can clean hot surfaces and work well with oil, grease and other cleaning agents. It has an ionization shield that helps keep the machine from rusting.

It is an economical solution for larger buildings and homes. It provides an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool homes and commercial spaces. It works best in conjunction with a gas or electric hot water heater. It comes with a one year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty against misuse and accidental damage. It comes with a twenty-four hour emergency telephone number.

This pressure washer works on residential and commercial applications with hot water. It is great for washing cars, washing floors, and cleaning windows. It has been tested and proven to effectively clean and dry many types of hard flooring including ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, siding, brick, asphalt, concrete and more. It is also great for cleaning pools, showers, spa baths and more. It works as fast as thirty minutes and provides up to three hundred and twenty pounds of pressure.

The product comes in three sizes to accommodate different hot water usage. It can be used to provide up to three hundred and seventy pounds of pressure at thirty minutes of continuous pumping. It can also be used to clean and dry thirty gallons of water in less than thirty seconds. This is convenient and effective when hot tubs are being used. This pressure washer is a good investment for any busy family or business owner.